OBD/I Code 112 For Perodua Kelisa

The following is some common obd code description for easy troubleshooting, there are others also you can check.
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Other Symptoms Of OBD Code 112 For Perodua Kelisa

Before troubleshooting the code-112, please view other descriptions of it.


(O,M) Intake Air Temperature (IAT) sensor is/was low or grounded - IAT


112 from WIS is no communication with CIM and TCS/ESP for 1 sec. Diagnosis involves trying to read fault codes from the CIM (Column Integration Module). In English this is the module that sits just behind the steering wheel on the column and has the switches for the indicators etc. on, and a multiway connector that carries the signals form the column and steering wheel.

Track the voltage curve of accelerator pedal position sensor 1 and 2 in the engine data stream by GDS2 diagnostic tool.(show in below pic).According to the voltage curve,we found voltage signal of APP1 and APP2 difference value are not expressed in multiple relation

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