OBD/I Code 634 For Perodua Myvi

The following is some common obd code description for easy troubleshooting, there are others also you can check.
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Other Symptoms Of OBD Code 634 For Perodua Myvi

Before troubleshooting the code-634, please view other descriptions of it.

(O,M) Park/Neutral Position (PNP) or Clutch Pedal Position (CPP) circuit fault Electronic shift transmission - Manual Lever Position (MLP) sensor out of range in PARK - Transmissions


Error Code :634 Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold. The catalyst system being referred to is your three-way catalytic converter; so the catalytic converter is not working properly (i.e. it's not efficient).

The check engine light has been intermittent sometimes not coming on at all.. the message Control Panel indicates for the very first time, that there is a stability link traction control problem.

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